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How we work

Rubric Solutions work as a fusion development team. We get some of our best geeks and team them with some of your best geeks. They work side by side to create solutions to meet your business objectives.

Designs will be agreed upon and our guys will go on to build your company a secure and responsive custom IT ecosystem.

As one of the leading system design consultants, we use the cloud as it is based on the Microsoft Dynamics, Power Apps and Power Automate platforms.

So, to recap we work on a four-step process.

  • Explore

    both teams combined work to audit current systems, and design a perfect process along with user experience.

  • Create

    we then design innovative solutions that are based on your specific business objectives, technology strategy and roadmap.

  • Integrate

    our teams work side by side to integrate new technologies into your processes along with integrating with external systems.

  • Support

    we are with you every step of the way, so we are always there if you require support.

About Rubric Solutions

What better way to revolutionise your IT than with a set of geeks who truly love innovation and working with companies to allow them to achieve their very best?

We believe in the following core values:

  • Communication – effective communication is essential and only works when there is effective reciprocity of information back and forth.
  • Ability – the ability to welcome change is essential.
  • Belief – we believe that tomorrow we will be better than today.
  • Efficiency – efficiency is key to everything, there is nothing more precious than your time.
  • Creativity – think creatively and challenge by choice to create better experiences.
  • High standards – always keep standards high and pay attention to detail and customer experience.

We are a Powerapps developer, system designs consultants, offer app consulting, power platform services and power bi developer, all rolled into one.

We design using the latest Power Platform technology so that any company can build bespoke products for their business needs and in a fraction of the time traditional development costs and for a fraction of the price.

Rubric Solutions is based in the UK and can build software systems using Microsoft Dynamic Solutions or Power Apps Solutions. We make automation easy thanks to the integration of Power Automate and Power BI developers.

We can also integrate bespoke client portals within your brand, using the tone of your company’s voice.

We also have plenty of experience in integrating external systems within your company.

We have gathered a diverse set of some of the best people in their fields to work with together. This means we now have a team packed full of knowledge and skills. We have more than 30 world-class system design consultants, power BI developers, Powerapps developer and world-class developers who stretch their brains when working on your project.

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  • Rubric solutions has helped us bring our data into one very useful portal where we can now analyse our business data much more easily, allowing us time to expand our business.
    David Wood
    Wood ITC
  • Having asked Rubric Solutions to help us create some software to store our business leads, they were able to create software extremely quickly and cost effectively compared to other quotes.
    Paul Hughes
  • We have been working with Rubric solutions over the last few months and have been able to free up lots of time by automating the very manual processes that remained in our business procedures. We now develop or software much more efficiently.
    Ewan Humphreys
    Tech Lead
    Adviser Cloud

Do we work with you?

  • Are you a business that currently uses technology to support your business

  • Are you a company that Is looking to implement technology into their business

  • Are you looking for clarity on how to improve your current business applications

  • Do you want to be able to access your data anywhere at any time

  • And do you want quality, built by a team of world class developers in a time frame to suit your needs

  • Yes?

    Then we work with you!

Why Us?

We don’t just make software.  We make awesome software that oozes innovation and fixes problems you have already identified.  Our technology innovation combined with the significant investment made by Microsoft in its Power Platform means we can build line of business applications that are quick to design, build and test meaning we can build bespoke line of business applications quicker than most other developers.

We also leave our clients with the ability to tweak the software themselves – add a field here, create a report there, a dash of dashboard here and complete enablement there……

  • Quick to the point

    Our tried and tested approach to engagement and the 'fusion' approach means we always design to your needs

  • Speed of delivery

    Backed by the Mircosoft Power Platform - we can get your application up and running in very little time for very little investment

  • Flexible

    We can flex and change your system quickly and teach your team to change it themselves - the age of the citizen developer is here!!

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