Our Journey

Is fuelled by the passion to keep the human touch when we work with you to explore technology that will help you challenge your choices in making your business world a better place.

Started on a path that was full of confusion, a saturation of jargon, and inflexibility, all issues we faced trying to find a software development and consultancy company to engage with on various projects.

After several failed attempts and feeling unheard or quite frankly dismissed because we are not a huge tech giant, we thought let’s forge our path, and Rubric Solutions was created.

We want your technology to lift your eyes from the screen to be able to enjoy the world.

Our values

  • Communication

    can only work when there is effective reciprocity of information back and forth

  • Agility

    our ability to welcome change

  • Efficiency

    after all what is more precious than time especially your time

  • Belief

    in ourselves to be better tomorrow than we were today

  • Creativity

    challenge by choice to create a better experience

  • High standards

    our attention to detail and customer experience

Our team

Since our creation we have been lucky enough to find some absolute gems of people to work with and we now have a diverse team of people with a rich tapestry of knowledge and skills that have joined the Rubrics family. We now have some 30 world class developers all stretching their creative analytical geek sized brains and flexing their fingers in readiness of working with you-on-you project.

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