Data transformation

Is it for me?

You are currently using systems/products that are not quite hitting the mark.

You are worried about being left behind or you know you can be a leader in your industry with a sprinkle of innovation that would positively impact your business.

Our promise

We will use your data to drive our insights into your business. After consideration of where you are at currently and what your future business plan looks like, we will create a digital road map for you to be able to implement any recommendations.

Innovative solutions and their applications might not always be apparent initially, but don’t worry together we will ensure that they have purpose and a positive impact on
your business.

The aim is to provide you with a Road map that you can action and is achievable in allowing you to make better informed decisions.

With the expertise of Rubricsolutions and the Microsoft Power Platform  this will be achieved with  confidence, financial savings and at pace.

How much?

Our pricing is transparent and very competitive, obviously depending on the size, scope and complexity of the project.
We always start with a fact-finding mission, so you will have an estimated cost before you make any sort of commitment. Once agreed depending on size we operate under
a % split of upfront cost and completion.

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