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Is it for me?

You want to create software from the ground up? You feel the technology that you are currently using could be vastly improved upon so has to specifically meet your business needs. You just want someone to talk to in a straightforward way. Rubric solutions are here for you

Imagine utilising all the benefits, expertise and financial investment  of the Microsoft Power Platform, by partnering up with Rubricsolutions you will be able to. Our experts will be as hands on or off based on your needs and you will have your data your way under your control.

Our promise

We work with you to give you an exit plan and up skill you and your business. Your project length will be given a defined start and end. We use a base line methodology that is a blended adaptation of Critical path and Rapid application development to involve stakeholders.

Using the Microsoft Power Platform We produce models and
prototypes at speed whilst identifying and scheduling all the critical tasks that compromise a project but still allow time for the human touches of the project. Rapid
prototype release and iterations gather feedback quickly, the invaluable feedback promotes strict planning, strong communication and focused phases of delivery.

The familiarity of Microsoft and its operating systems working in tandem with  phases of delivery and various platforms of feedback will allow all parties to make better informed choices and give absolute transparency to the project.

How much?

Our pricing is transparent and very competitive, obviously depending on the size, scope and complexity of the project.

We always start with a fact-finding mission, so you will have an estimated cost before you make any sort of commitment. Once agreed depending on size we operate under
a % split of upfront cost and completion

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