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Is it for me?

You have a brilliant idea for a new digital product, something you feel is missing in your industry.

However, you may not have the time and no one in your business to develop the product. You may not have the financial investment that is required to fully bring the product to fruition.

Should I look for an investor is there grant I can apply for, will I be able to do this in a time frame that will be a good ROI, is there an IT company that I can build a good enough relationship who won’t try and change my software concept beyond recognition and who I don’t have to be reliant on for the rest of my business days.

Our promise

We will spend time with you listening and validating your ideas. We can create a pathway that will equip your idea with the right technologies, governance and world class developers.

Your solution will be tailor designed to ensure the best ROI. We can create an exit plan so that you and your business can run your product independently going forward.

We use a blend of Agile and critical pathway project methodology involving all stakeholders to ensure no loss of focus on your business.

How much?

Our Pricing will always be transparent.

With Fusion Dev we can offer investment from Rubric solutions in collaboration with your idea.

This would be done on the scope of your project and length of involvement with Rubric solutions.

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