Intelligent Digital Transformation

Is it for me?

As a company, you know that technology will enhance your business.

The question of, will it improve your business operations and customer/employee experiences, well put simply, yes it will.

Now you have made the decision that tech is the way forward you now wonder how do I start where do I begin?

Our promise

Using Microsoft Power Platform technology, we provide insights into your business using intelligent Data to assess the current state of your business. Then, by gathering intelligence from you, your current needs and by taking into consideration your future business plans, digital strategists will be created homing in on specific recommendations for your business. From these recommendations, we will generate a digital transformation roadmap for you to implement those recommendations.

The goal is to create proximal development, think of this like a scaffolding we build around you. We can add or take away pieces of support as and when needed for you to make better-informed decisions at a pace. And we keep doing this every step of the way until ultimately, we remove all the scaffolding. Then you are free Fly My Pretties, fly”

How much?

Our pricing is transparent and very competitive, obviously depending on the size, scope, and complexity of the project.

We always start with a fact-finding mission, so you will have an estimated cost before you make any sort of commitment.

Once agreed depending on size we operate under a % split of upfront cost and completion.

The process can range from a couple of days for a small business to a few weeks for an established mid-market organisation.  Most SMEs will need around 5-10 days.

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