System design

Is it for me?

Deciding if you need to Invest in creating or updating with better digital systems can be a big decision especially when there is a saturation of companies telling you how innovative they are. You know you want to further improve your customer and employee experience, but it can be overwhelming thinking about the magnitude of the project. Then there are the questions such as, how much workflow disruption will there be? How much investment will be needed? How much time will it need before it is being used by any user.

Clarity of system is crucial I.E what the system should look like, what features it will have, does it need to be device agnostic, will it need certain permission for different users, how will the navigation of the system feel? Etc By agreeing all the details and knowing exactly how all these things will look and feel, will guarantee that you get the most for your investment of time and money.

Our promise

This is a path we walk together. We define all the stake holders and ensure that we have a schedule that meets their requirements this affords us time to discover any
challenges, capture thoughts and potential.

We then look at your data, look at what your users need, points of integration, what the flow of information is, points of data origin and does it need to integrate with
existing systems etc.

We will then commission an environment to be able to present to you (a limited basic version) the solution for your complex project. We do not go any further until all stakeholders agree on the look, feel and functionality of the end-to-end solution.

We provide world class developers and governance on how best to implement your system in line with your business requirements.

You will receive a detailed estimation which is based on the design solution and Gantt Chart for implementation.

How much?

Our pricing is transparent and very competitive, obviously depending on the size, scope and complexity of the project.

We always start with a fact-finding mission, so you will have an estimated cost before you make any sort of commitment.

Once agreed depending on size we operate under
a % split of upfront cost and completion.

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